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Welcome is one of the oldest shooting related sites on the web. Established in 1996, the site has and continues to take a significant amount of traffic each month.

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The Most Affordable but Best Quality Gun Safes

Gun Safes

Why do you need a gun safe to keep your guns? It's simply because you wouldn't want anyone else to get it. If a burglar would break into your house and get hold of your gun, he could use it against you. If you've got children, you definitely wouldn't want them to play around with the gun. So, if you have a gun and you want it somewhere only you can access, try getting a gun safe. Here are some affordable ones you may want to check out:


Stack-On is known to be one of the best brands of gun safes in the market. They have safes that are long enough to store rifles and also have safes wide enough to store pistols and revolvers. Some of the models are even fire resistant with electric locks. The best thing about these safes are that all are less than $1,000 if you shop for them online.


Fortress gun safes are known for their topnotch security technology. Most of the Fortress safes are fire resistant and some models even have a touch sensitive alarm system that would sound whenever somebody tries to open the safe.

Field & Stream

Although Field & Stream safes are more on the expensive side, there are excellent gun safes less than $1,000. The great thing about Field & Stream safes is that they all come with partitions so that you can store different guns along with the ammo, the parts, and accessories. Even the cheaper safes are of top quality and made from high quality materials.

If you are looking for a gun safe, then these brands are some of your best bets. I'd definitely recommend buying a safe if you want to buy a gun just for safety reasons. You won't know who may want to get your hands on it to cause some trouble.

How to Safely Keep a Gun Close To You While Sleeping

Gun Safe in Bedroom

Are you scared of burglars at night? Do you feel safer if you have a gun by your bed side so that you can grab it just in case of an emergency? Well, you can opt to do this but there is a safe way on how to do this. You have most likely already sorted out the the comfortable extra firm mattress for your sleeping needs, well, now it's time to look at the safety of those in the house when there is a gun stored in your bedroom too. Here are some things you have to think about:

Child Safety Precaution

Do you have any children in your house? If yes, then you have to make sure that your gun cannot be accessed by them at any time. If you want to keep your gun in your drawer, make sure that your drawer has a lock and only you have the key. If you have a rifle, then you have to make sure that your to keep it in your cabinet which also has a lock. Just remember to keep the key to your gun beside you so that in the event of an emergency, you can open up your cabinet or drawer easily. If you don't have any children, then you can keep your gun out in the open without having to lock it.

Keep The Gun Unloaded

Just to be safe, it is always good to keep your gun unloaded while you are sleeping because in the event that the gun falls down, it might just shoot a stray bullet. Just make sure that you keep some ammunition right beside your gun so that you can load it anytime when you feel that there is a threat.

Point The Gun Away from You

There are going to be times when you'd accidentally leave one bullet inside the gun and forget to take it out. Just to be safe, make sure that you point the gun away from you so that in the event that you forget to take out the bullet, it won't hit you. It pays to point your gun in the opposite direction from you so that in the event it falls down, the bullet will shoot the other way.


These are some of the safety tips that you can observe so that you can safely keep a gun beside you without you getting hurt. If you decide to keep your gun on your bedside table, you have to at all costs, make sure that you don't get hurt by it. Observe these safety rules so that you know how you can keep your gun almost next to you without it harming you in any way.

Choosing the Best Summer Ride on Mower

Gun on Mower

As a gun enthusiast, you probably have been doing regular maintenance and cleaning of your weapons to make sure that they are clean and shiny and also functioning like clockwork. Of course, there are other things that you should think of other than your guns-- like your lawn!

Come summer or spring time and your lawn will grow like crazy with grass and even some weeds. To trim your grass, you'll need to buy yourself a nice ride-on mower. If you haven't got one, here are some tips on how to choose the right one.


One of the first things that you have to consider would be weight. If you are on the big side, then you'd want a heavier mower to carry the weight. If you are on the thin side, you can get a lightweight one.

Zero Turn or Steering Wheel

You can choose either a zero turn type which has no steering wheel but allows for very sharp turns. Steering wheel types make use of the classic steering wheel to make big turns to change direction. Zero turn types are only usually used when you have a small lawn.

Automatic Transmission

If you want an easier time driving your mower, I'd suggest you buy an automatic transmission one where you can easily move it around and also control all the functions easily. This is ideal if you're not really a fan of driving around.

Just like your guns, your mowers also need proper maintenance and cleaning regularly. It needs to be oiled right, checked, and cleaned of dirt inside, pretty much like your firearms. Gun enthusiasts will know the importance of maintaining their mowers as well.



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