ShooterNet - Competitive Action Shooting

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Jim Scoutten - Host of American Shooter
Smith & Wesson Winchester
Briley Beretta
Safariland Michaels of Oregon
STI Springfield

American Firearm Page
Bang Corporation - Dry-Fire Laser Firearms Training Device
Blackwater Lodge and Training
Bob Munden's website - As seen on American Shooter
Competitive Shooting Network
Hollowpoint - Firearms Resource
The Gun Page
Gamaliel Shooting Supply - a free database of shooting links in english and german language.
Gunnery Network
Gunsite Training Center
Heraklion Practical Shootion Club - European Championships will be held here...
The Los Angeles Silhouette Club
Scattergun Technologies, Inc
Scopecoat - Covers for your scopes!
Shooters' Gunlinks
Steel Challenge - Information
Target Blaster: Dry-fire Target Shooting Practice
Turkeyshoot clubs, events, results, maps, etc.
The M-1911 Pistols Home Page


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