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Shooternet's Policy on Member Privacy

Member privacy is an important concern to Shooternet as well as to the internet as a whole. Here's how we support privacy and use data.

Shooternet does NOT:

  • Provide or release names or e-mail addresses of members to any third party without the member's explicit permission.
  • Track who has filled out the demographic form. No demographic information provided will be connected with you in any way.
  • Shooternet does not and will not use cookies or any other technology to track or report on member activity when they are not on Shooternet, nor pass member data to other Web sites.

Shooternet uses member data to:

  • Create Shooting Sports editorial content that reflects the interests of our members.
  • Send out our Newsletter via email.
  • Determine the advertisements to be seen by the member while using Shooternet.
  • Measure site activity: Cookie technology helps Shooternet determine which features and services are important to our members and visitors so that we may know where to invest our ongoing development and creative efforts. Despite what you may have been told, cookies were not created to spy on or otherwise invade the privacy of internet users. Cookies contain only information that users volunteer, and they do not have the capability of getting into a user's hard drive and obtaining personal information. Cookies help the user navigate a web site with as little hassle as possible.You do not have to have cookies enabled to use the site or become a member.



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