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Need A Website?

Teazer Graphics, the parent company of Shooternet, is experienced in the creation of all types of websites in a variety of sizes.

A custom website allows you to tailor the site to your specific needs. Our design fees start at $500.00 for small, simple, yet tasteful sites. Custom graphics, animation, and database applications are available at additional fees.

Once a website is created, it must be maintained and renewed periodically to keep viewers interested. This can be done by you or and/or the site designer depending on content. Maintenance fees vary per site.

Web Hosting

Whether you hire us or someone else to design your site, it must be hosted on a server in order for people to have access to it. Shooternet offers affordable hosting of websites. Prices depend on the size of the website hosted and whether premium services (such as shopping carts) are required. A site up to 8 pages is $35 per month; up to 25 pages is $65 per month; anything larger is $100 per month. We do not charge for disk (storage) space or for bandwidth utilization (traffic). There is a minimum six month commitment for web hosting services.

All Basic Web Hosting Packages include:

  • Registration of your domain name with the internet registry (this method is encouraged). The cost is $70 for the first two years and goes directly to the registry. We can also provide you with a non-domain site, which would read www.shooternetcom/your site name.
  • Email: One email address is included, in the form "xxx@(sitename).com or provide a non-domain address if you go with the above non-domain option. We can provide an unlimited number of additional email aliases for a one-time charge of $10 per name. Shooternet will provide POP accounts (mailboxes, where you can actually "pick up" your email) for any of your email addresses. The charge will be $100 per month and will include your website.

Available to Domain Sites Only:

  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access, password protected, which allows you or anyone you authorize to make changes to your website.
  • A stat package that provides you with complete statistics for your website.

Premiere Web Services - Additional Fees

  • Forms processing. Many clients want to take orders, catalog requests, etc., from site visitors. We provide many types of forms processing, from simple "request forms" to compilation of databases for catalogs, etc. Tell us what you need and we can most likely provide it for you. Ask us about availability and price.
  • Cgi-bin access within your own domain is available at an additional one time fee of $75.
  • Shopping carts. State of the art shopping carts are available to clients of Shooternet. Once installed, they can be managed entirely by the site owner - even if you have no computer expertise. A shopping cart allows point-and-click selection of products and secure payment by credit card. The financial transaction is between you and the customer. Shopping carts are easily built into new websites or during site retooling. They may also be installed after a site has been designed. Pricing for Shooternet supported carts start at a $500 one-time fixed cost plus $40 per month. Shooternet shopping carts can be integrated into Shooternet Store to provide additional distribution.

For further information on Web Design and Hosting, contact us.


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